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About Modern Family Medicine

Welcome to our dedicated healthcare practice, providing comprehensive and leading-edge primary care for adults and children for over six years. Beyond traditional services, we emphasize disease prevention, ensuring a better and longer quality of life.

Setting us apart is our Concierge Medical Weight Loss Program, offering 1:1 health coaching with physicians. Over six months, we have conducted thorough evaluations, provided a personalized tracking platform and offered weekly online check-ins and bi-monthly in-person consultations. Our holistic approach includes lifestyle modifications for sustainable results, with optional weight loss medication.

We offer aesthetic medicine services to assist our patients in aging gracefully. Our techniques and products can enhance your natural beauty discreetly, ensuring that you look rejuvenated without the appearance of significant intervention. We cater to individuals of all skin colors and types.

Additionally, we specialize in hair restoration to help you regrow hair lost due to factors such as stress, COVID, postpartum, or genetic causes.

Accepting most insurance plans, we stand out with individualized care, a limited patient base, and personable doctors. Join us for a transformative healthcare experience, emphasizing your health, happiness, and longevity. Visit for unparalleled services that go beyond the ordinary, promoting a healthier and happier you.

Meet Our Provider

Priya Arcot-Joshi

Priya Arcot-Joshi, DO, MS

Dr. Priya Arcot-Joshi is a distinguished healthcare professional with board certifications in family medicine, aesthetic medicine, hair loss treatment, and obesity medicine from renowned institutions like the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, and the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Driven by her vision to transform healthcare, she is committed to assisting her patients in achieving their unique health goals.

Known for her exceptional communication clarity, Dr. Arcot-Joshi ensures that her patients fully understand their medical conditions and treatment options. She actively participates in esteemed medical associations such as the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Osteopathic Association.

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Arcot-Joshi has taken on the role of Clinical Assistant Professor for family medicine at PCOM Georgia. This position allows her to share her expertise and passion for healthcare with future generations of medical professionals.

Dr. Arcot-Joshi's commitment to her patients' well-being is unwavering. She strives to create an encouraging environment where individuals and families can thrive. She offers cutting-edge, evidence-based medical care, believing that a healthy body is essential for a happy and fulfilling life.

Beyond her medical practice, Dr. Arcot-Joshi finds joy in spending quality time with her family, engaging in physical activities, indulging in captivating books, and exploring new destinations worldwide.

Our Approach

Modern Family Medicine believes in providing personalized and exceptional care to every individual. Our unique approach, driven by the patient-to-provider ratio, ensures unparalleled attention and service. Our certified primary care doctors are dedicated to addressing immediate health concerns and fostering long-term relationships based on trust and open communication.

We treat every patient like a family member, offering extra attention and care. Everything is in-house, allowing us to provide results in just 30 minutes. Our services include personalized medical care, weight loss medicine, and skin and hair care. With a focus on a lower patient-to-physician ratio, we eliminate delayed appointments, rushed consultations, and compromised healthcare.

We prioritize creating a warm, compassionate atmosphere where patients feel valued and comfortable. Our in-house services enable us to offer personalized treatment plans, improving overall patient satisfaction.

Additionally, we provide direct communication with physicians via a portal, ensuring complete transparency to your results. You can connect with your doctor over the phone, making healthcare more accessible and convenient.

Our Promise

We understand that every patient and their healthcare needs are unique. Our approach involves limiting our patient load to 500 individuals, in contrast to the industry norm of 3,000. This intentional restriction allows our healthcare providers to allocate ample time and attention to each patient, ensuring comprehensive care that exceeds expectations.

With a reduced patient load, we can cultivate close doctor-patient relationships, building trust and gaining a deeper understanding of our patients' needs. This approach also provides us with the time needed to coordinate care with careful communication and thorough evaluation. The result is increased convenience, greater treatment flexibility, and a truly personalized healthcare experience.

Through this model, we are redefining the standard of excellence in healthcare by prioritizing individualized and attentive patient care.

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At Modern Family Medicine, we are committed to enhancing your overall health and wellness while leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. From invigorating weight loss plans to customized primary care and redefining aesthetic care, experience a wide array of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Stop by our practice to receive the highest level of care with the utmost compassion and unmatched attention.

Visit Us Today to Experience Compassionate Care That Treats You Like Family